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The ultimate destination for lottery enthusiasts and strategists alike. 
Our cutting-edge lottery software offers a comprehensive suite of tools designed to analyze, strategize, and optimize your lottery gameplay. From statistical analysis and number prediction algorithms to advanced pattern recognition, our software equips you with the insights 
and strategies needed to maximize your chances of winning. 
Whether you are a casual player looking to improve your odds or a seasoned strategist aiming for the jackpot, our intuitive and user-friendly platform has you covered. Join thousands of satisfied users and unlock the secrets to lottery success with our powerful software solutions.

Discover a comprehensive range of multimedia software designed to elevate your digital experience. 
From seamless audio and video management tools to immersive multimedia playback solutions, our suite of programs offers unparalleled versatility and performance. 
Effortlessly manage your files and disks, create dynamic playlists, and organize your multimedia library with ease. 
Whether you are a content creator, a media enthusiast, or a professional, our multimedia software empowers you to unleash your creativity 
and enjoy immersive entertainment like never before.
Visual Lottery Analyser
All in One Lottery Analysis System
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Main window of Visual Lottery Analyser

The Visual Lottery Analyser program is a cutting-edge lottery analysis software. 
It is distinctive, offering numerous features that are not found in any other software, it offers innovative analysis methods to enhance your chances of​ winning.
For the first time ever, geometry, point diagrams, and colors are utilized to visualize and analyze lottery games. Additionally, the software visualizes the game by displaying the ticket in various colors and geometric shapes.  it's designed for ease of use with no learning curve!
The Visual Lottery Analyser can operate in a fully-automated mode to accommodate your needs. 
The software works with nearly all lottery games worldwide.

New version 5.0 released on May 12th 2024
Sprintbit Playlist Manager
Advanced Playlist Editor & Multimedia Player
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Main window of Sprintbit Playlist Manager

The Sprintbit Playlist Manager allows for comprehensive playlist management:
Edit and create playlists effortlessly with intuitive editors, supporting all widely-used playlist formats.
Enjoy multimedia files with four integrated multimedia players.
Schedule your playlists and media file playback using four distinct schedulers.
Efficiently manage your playlists with the database-driven software, storing them on disk or in the database. Additionally you can save, convert, or export playlists to various external formats.

Sprintbit Media Player
Audio & Video Player with Playback Scheduling
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The Sprintbit Media Player allows you to play a variety of media files and schedule them for playback. It features four integrated multimedia players and four distinct types of schedulers, supporting numerous audio and video file formats. 
This software comes with a multitude of valuable features and can serve as 
the default multimedia player on your computer.

Home Multimedia Library
Multimedia Files Database & Player
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Main window of Sprintbit Media Player Home Multimedia Library

The Home Multimedia Library is a comprehensive solution for cataloging, organizing, and playing digital media. It includes four distinct libraries: the CD Catalog, which allows you to create a database for your audio CDs, complete with cover art, lyrics, and other relevant data; the Media Library, which organizes your audio and video files into a structured library of artists and albums, where you can store pictures, lyrics, biographies, and more; the Photo Albums, designed for creating and organizing your picture collections; and the Playlists Database, for maintaining your playlist files.

Sprintbit File Manager
Files Manager & Explorer for Windows
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Main window of  Sprintbit File Manager

With our File Manager, you can view, edit, play, and organize your files and directories, as well as perform numerous disk, directory, and file management tasks. It boasts a variety of unique features that establish Sprintbit File Manager as a superior alternative to Windows Explorer. 
The latest version is quickly gaining recognition as one of the top file management programs, so don't hesitate to try it now; you won't be disappointed.